Knot-A-Tail Shipping rates and charges

To make the easiest and the most affordable shipping rates for all of our customers, Knot-A-Tail has a  flat  shipping rate in the US it is $3.99 and $7.99 to the rest of the world.  

How fast to you ship?  

We try to ship your item with 2 days  not including Saturday or Sunday.     Please take into consideration, that all of our products are hand made, so when we run out of stock on an item, it can take between 7 to 14 days get the item finished and into the mail. 

 Do you have guarantee on your productsOur unlimited guarantee to you:    

 Simple: love it or return it.  We have a no-question asked return policy.  100 % guarantee to your ulitmate satisfacion.  We have stood by each one of our products since the moment we opened our doors, and we contiue to do so.  You can count on us for the Quality that lives up to YOUR satisfaction. 


 Do you have a Customer comment page?  

 Yes, we have  a huge collection from ove the years from our customers: See Knot-A-Tail  Custom comments review page   I am in the process of  adding pictures that our customers have sent to us.    We also would love a picture of you with your new  Knot-A-Tail product either on you or your horse.   We love to see your ponies.  

 You will also find comments at the bottom of each product page, where customers can leave comments on our products

Is this “Genuine Horse Hair? 

YES!! All our Horse Hair has been professionally washed and cleaned. So, if you are going to use our Bulk Hair for Crafts, tail extensions, fixing the tail on that antique Rocking horse or making Quill for your newest fly fishing project, be assured ours is cleaned and ready to use.  

An timeless  cowboy tradition aged to perfection.   Every Horse Hair item at Knot-A-Tail begins as a fine horsetail.  The horse hair is carefully and skillfully removed without harming or discomforting the animal. In fact, harvesting the horse hair is actually beneficial.  Knot-A-Tail  hair is also collected right off the range, by hundreds of Working Cowboys, delivered to the factory where a full-time employee spends her entire day, sorting every single piece of hair.  The customers we purchase the horse hair from have been with us since we started some 20 years ago.

The hair, gathered into a "hank," as it is called at this point, is then cleaned further sorted. We steam the natural hair to remove any dirt and foreign material from the hair.  The hair that we use for our colored project is actually  boiled to remove everything from the hair before the dye is added.  The raw hair, some of which is colored with natural pigments, is then separated and twisted by weavers into "hair-pulls." It is then braided or hitched to create our very distinctive designs.

Some of the hair is dyed to the boldest, brightest colors that we use for the most unique patterns for the fantastic selection of horse hair items that we can provide to you.

It is this combination of the natural Horse Hair fibers and skillful hands that braid or hitch all of our Horse Hair items, done in the Authentic Cowboy way, one-at-a-Time that provides you with the master craftsmanship and the largest selection of horse hair items anywhere in the world.  It is this standard of excellence that we offer to our customers.

Do you make custom items from my own horse hair?

I am afraid that after years of offering this service, that we recently made the hard decision to stop this service.  We just did not have the human resource to stop production to make sure that the every increasing number of customers got their products in a timly fashion. 


How do I care for my new items?

We have an  item care page that will give you complete instuctions.

How do I put a stampede string on My Hat?  

SUPER EASY!! Our Cotter pin stampede strings are very easy to attach.  Just slip the cotter pins between the hat and the hat liner and spread the cotter pins apart.  To use a Loop style stampede string, you have to put two small holes in the brim of your hat close to the crown, just large enough to slide the strings through. The loops make a Hat band around the crown of your hat. These look great and the stampede string will never pull out.


Here is a link to the full explaination  <a href="" target="blank">  with How-To pictures   </a>


Are your Hat Bands Adjustable? 
YES!! The Horse Hair Hat Bands will fit up to a size 8 hat. They adjust from 21 inches to over 30 inches. The Horse Hair hat bands are all very distinctive in styling trimmed with decorative tassels and capped with Spanish Half-Hitched Knots.

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How do I retrieve my password if I have forgotten it? On the login page, choose the “Reset My Password” option. We will send a verification email to the email on file with a temporary password inside. Clicking on the link in this email will direct you to a password reset page.

How do I update my profile information? Click on “My Account” from any page within the site. You may update your information directly from that page.

How to I get back to my cart to make changes?  At the very top and the very bottom of every page is a button called [CART]  Once, you  are signed-in, just click on that button and it will take you directly into your cart to make any changes so you can continue to the check-out.  

How can I change the shipping method?   At the very top and the very bottom of every page is a button called [CART]  Once, you  are signed-in, just click on that button and it will take you directly into your cart to make  when you can change the shipping method before you  continue to the check-out.  In order for you to receive the basic $4.95 ground shipping, you do not have to make any selection.  The $4.95 shipping is the default shipping that will just be used during checkout. 

How do I use my discount code?  When you are in checkout, just use the Check-out button and NOT the PayPal checkout button.  The PayPal check out by-passes the discount code so that is why it will not work

How do I edit my product comments? While viewing the product you commented on, click on the "Edit" option. Edit the text you wish to change, then chose the "Preview" option. Check over your new changes and choose the "Save" option. Please Note: All comments must be approved before they will be published.

How To: Shopping Experience.

How do I find the status of my order?  

Click on "My Account" from any page within the website. Then choose the "Orders" option. This page allows you to view recent purchases.

How do I track my recent purchases     

Click on "My Account" from any page within the website. Then choose the "Orders" option. This page allows you to view recent purchases

How do I remove a single item from my shopping cart  

While viewing your cart, the quantity for your item(s) is displayed. Change the number of item(s) you wish to purchase, then click "Update Cart" and it will refresh your totals.

What other forms of payment are accepted?

  Knot-A-Tail accepts PayPal,  electronic Credit/Debit Card payments. We assure you the highest level of safety with our High Assurance SSL Certificate, and you can view our Privacy Policy here.

I have not received my order, what is next? 

If it has been 2 weeks or more since your payment was made, please contact us directly at (480) 203-7789.