Horsehair hat band, 5 strand, Double Tassel, Hat band, Attention Getter
#1 Gray/ black horse hair hat band from
#2 Black /white  horse hair hat band from #3 Brown/Black/white/ horse hair hat band from  Cinnamon brown / black  horse hair hat band from Cinnamon Brown/white  horse hair hat band #17 Cinnamon brown/turquoise bluel horsehair hat band Turquoise / black   horsehair hat hand from

Bold and Beautiful!

No matter what type of cowboy hat you wear, this horse hair hat band will be the perfect compliment.

  • This exceptional hat band will expand from 21 inches to 26 inches
  • The 5 strand  flat braid of the hat band is 20 inches long
  • The width of this beauty is 1/2 inch wide to 5/8 depending on the braider.   
  • The tassels can either be worn on the side on in the back are three inches long.
   Exceptional details
  • Stunning flawless design professionally  perfectly made  without any loose hairs.
  • This beauty will add  a bold, finished look to your western style.
  • To made sure your hat band gets noticed even more we added distinctive two-toned hitched knots to match the boldness of the designs.
  • This one will fit your hat. Easily slides to fit the smallest to the largest size hats by just  pulling  the tassels.
  • Be assured these are made absolute luxury  with 100% genuine horse hair.


                            Do you know why these get noticed?

They are the highest quality available.
They are Flawless

and are  so beautiful, that everyone immediately notices them.

Order today, 

You will be so proud to wear this beauty while making your best western hat completely stand out from the crowd.

After all, we guarantee it!