Horse Hair tassel, thick, 5 1/2" long, natural colors, tassel, horsehair tassel
SKU: HH200-12
horsehair tassel,  5.5 inches  thicher, longer,
Thick, horse hair tassel, Black by, horshair tassel necklaceThick, horse hair tassel, cinnamon brown, Knot-a-Tail, horshair tassel necklaceThick, horse hair tassel, Gray, Knot-a-Tail, horshair tassel necklaceThick, horse hair tassel, white, Knot-a-Tail, horshair tassel necklacehorsehair tassel,  5.5 inches  thicher, longer, Thick, horse hair tassel, Chocolate brown Knot-a-Tail, horshair tassel necklace

  Horse Hair Tassels / horsehair tassel / tassel X-long/ thick  5 1/2" horse hair tassel in natural colors

horse hair tassels,  jewelry tassel

 fabulously  x-thick,   x-long, x-beautiful


A perfect  horsehair tassel that are excellent for all of your horse equipment that you want to get noticed!


These sell like 'hot cakes" for Horsehair tassel necklaces and horsehair tassel jewelry and don't forget to add one or two of these horsehair tassels to you cowgirl purse.  The perfect addition to everything you can imagine.

     Exceptional details
  • Extra long and Extra thick: horsehair tassels-the best on the market.  
  • Easy to attach with the longer braided horsehair loop on top  
  • Be assured, these are absolutely the highest quality: the tightest knots:  done by Master Craftsmen
  • Just to make sure that these get you noticed we added a distinctive  two-toned matching, flawless hitched horsehair knot
  • You are so going to love these added onto your horse equipment or key chain, or curb strap or even that horse hair tassel necklace
  • careful, these are addictive.


  • Overall  horsehair tassel length is 5 1/2  inches
  • Just the tassel itself is 4 1/2 inches long
  • The matching, easy to attach horsehair loop on top is 1 inch in length
  • Extremely gorgeous two-toned hitch horsehair knot is 5 /8 inches wide

   Color Combination's

  • The most amazing gray (salt-pepper) horsehair anywhere
  • An awsome lighter cinnamon brown
  • A very dark chocolate brown
  • The lustrous rich black horsehair
  • A  natural  white horsehair


The secret is out, horse people love adding special decorations to their horse equipment so they get both their horse and tack admired. 

Here is another little secret,  these beautiful horsehair tassels are the perfect decoration on horse equipment.

You are going to love standing out from the crowd.

Order today and get noticed at your next outing.   


Sold individually so when you are ordering, remember pairs!