Inspirational Bull Riders Cross Necklace
Bull riding cross necklace




Bull riders take it to the  EXTREME,

                                                          so show them what you ride! 

      Discover the exceptional 
  • Classic Western floral silver background
  • Sterling silver plated  with gold trim
  • Highly noticeable,
  • Extra long chain 18" silver chain
  • Width  of the cross is  1 /2 inches wide 
  • Length is 1 1/2 inches long

Bull riding necklace

For a bull rider       

it is never about the the danger, 

It is never about the fear,       

It is always about the  "I can".   


    I can Cowboy-up to my own life

                and live it to the Extreme




Order yours today  and show others how inspired you are   

              with your life, .........................  just show them what you ride!